Sons Du Jour 21-30

Part three. Another 10 pieces to our special impressionistic project #sonsdujour. Like in every research there are more questions than answers. Inspired by #kyma sound system.

Sons Du Jour 11-20

The second part of our Kyma inspired experiments. We tend to call it noir/impressionism music rather than post-rock. For us it’s a whole mysterious world placed among shadows of the conscious. Something you’ll never look close enough.

Sons Du Jour 1-10

Our internal works had become bigger and we’ve decided to release it all as a big strange album. This is the first part. It’s mainly short impressions, short pieces inspired by working with instruments, our #kyma sound design system and some good old analog gear.
We hope you’ll like it.

Dispersal of meanings

Now we go on!
The last track on the disk.

The Museum

Transcendent theremin and dusty drums.

Try to catch the message.

How Long Is Now?

Free at last!


It’s probably the most awaited recording of Ned Hoper.
All you need for happiness: post-rock, surf, violins, vocoder and some theremin.

Self Detection 2014

Ned Hoper “Self Detection” 2014

Can’t believe it’s happening. Track number one from the album with the same name as a proof.

Here are some good news. We won’t wait for the phisical release of our album (well, just can’t wait). We’re going to upload every song single by single as soon as possible.  And then we will think about LP.
We’ve already got something to show in spite of the most of pieces is in a process of mastering. We are about to begin soon.

n-Clock [Loud Pike]

We’ve recorded one more single.

This piece is remake of the Clock from the Eleven album.

Hope you’ll like it’s new sound.

Andrey Alyakrinsky (Андрей Алякринский) (Dobrolet studio) – mixing

“Ned Hoper” (“nH-labs”) – tracking.

Boris Istomin (Борис Истомин) (“Knobstudio”) – mastering