1. The band realises some musical ideas of an eccentric Australian composer Ned Hoper.

4. There are three full LPs and few stand-alone singles.

7. We have closed chamber concerts instead of rehearsals.

9. The band is in continual studio work with music, sound effects for movies, experiments etc.

14. Video art is an important component of NH’s performances. Footages are prepared but work with music only.

16. Musicians are indeed show on a stage in the marked lab coats.

20. Once – we don’t know how – some of our drafts was spilled to the web. So we have two bootleg:  “Lives & Rares”  and  “Etudes Op#27”

23. Critics give different names to our stile but all of them says NH’s music creates define visual associations.

24. Alongside with “uncommon” instruments (ribbon synth, theremin, prepered piano etc) you can hear pretty “common” some, such as tympani, strings, monks chorus and opera singer.

27. Some of the opuses was created right on the stage but it doesn’t cancel the fact no. 1

[ Spring 2013 ]


Volga (“Волга”) – singlе 2011

Mystification – LP 2011

Aikido – singlе 2011

Eleven – LP 2011

r.e. – LP 2012

A Man Who Only Ever Left Home in the Rain – single 2012

n-Clock [Loud Pike] – single 2013

The Self Detection – EP 2014

Sons Du Jour 1-10 – EP 2016


Dmitriy Lebedev: drums, electro percussions

Vladislav Green: barytone guitar, steel-guitar, electro voice, synths

Danila Bolshakov: electric cello, ribbon synth


“I thought it sounded really good in st petersburg! you guys were awesome. I think you were definitely one of the best bands we’ve ever played with in Europe.”

Donovan Jones “This Will Destroy You”

“No preview is necessary on [ Ned Hoper ]. Simply go ahead, get it and enjoy. EXCELLENT NOISE from post-rock to mod-classical elements, Progressive and Noise all together in one big experimental recipe. DO NOT SKIP.”


“Spaced out ambiance that will draw you in with its vibrancy and experimentation that takes you to new different places. Although the album can be very ambient it has moments where it really shines and comes to life in a awe of power that will make you drop whatever you’re doing to listen intently to its simple majestic style of sound that has been created.

The album consists mostly guitar, piano, echo’y drums, violin and synths. With some songs more rock and heavier then other while others are more piano synth ambiance based. Such as nexus is a very simple breezy ambient song which flows into Aikido which has a constant groovy riff that builds into progression with a opera like women’s vocals. The effect of all the layers and sound puts together really immerses me into the depth of the his music.

Each song is short but to the point and each very varied in style, it does leave me wanting more though as when the climaxes of the song has been reached I feel like I just didn’t get enough. Maybe this was intentional to get me to keep re listening but I would have liked more.

There are a bit of electronics used throughout the album but I mainly took note of them in the start of the song Vortex with a very spacey ambient vibe, it sort of put me in awe at the range and deepness of sound and also in the song Tramontana a open violin driven song that has a consistent digital vibration to it.

I have noticed throughout the album the songs names relate to the song itself in the sense of structure and feeling such as Vortex feels like I am slowly being sucked into something huge and drawing me clock’s beat feels like its a consistent quickly driven tick tock with more tiny snare beats and electro snippets reminding me of intricate clockwork system.

The main song that stood out the most to me was Nautic with its vastness, the guitar groans and seems to stretch out into a eternity, the sound really captures me with its simple greatness to it and how it fades away into astronomy a much more ambient enlightening song that seems to make you feel like your floating like a feather through space.

This album is very different in its approach on ambiance and a kind of post rock sound, it will leave you dazzled with its deep and vast feeling it puts out. If you’re looking for a album to loose your self to like falling into a black whole this is it.”