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nH Bandcamp

Все три альбома Ned Hoper, а именно “Мистификация” (2011), “ELEVEN” (2011) и “r.e.” (2012) можно скачать в качестве “lossless” (то есть без потери качества) на нашей странице bandcamp всего за 5 Евро за альбом (минимальная цена)! Welcome)

r.e. на http://rutracker

You can now download our new album from http://rutracker! Enjoy, press “thank you” button, put your comments, and remember, that it is much better to get the CD on our concert! Here is the link:

Ned Hoper - r.e.

Ned Hoper – r.e. [2012]

On the 12th of May Ned Hoper presented its new album at the Museum of temporary art Erarta. You can buy the CD on our concerts or download the album (and donate) from nedhoper.kroogi.com. Also you can listen it on soundcloud.

r.e. by Ned Hoper

We’ve been working hard and although we presented two CDs last year we had enough material for the third album. “r.e.” consists of seven repetitive etudes which is already known to our listeners by the concerts. These etudes are based on REPETITIVE  TECHNIQUE and this technique gave us a lot of unexpected forms and sound.


Vlad Green – bariton guitar

Dmitry Kabanov – bass synthesizer, electro piano, cello, piano preparation

Dmitry Lebedev – drums, electro percussion

Danila Bolshakov – cello

Zmitzer Holzman – piano, electronic tools, theremin, flugelhorn

Music: Ned Hoper (c) (p) 2012

Sound engeneer: Andrew Alyakrinsky
Mastering: Boris Istomin

Cover: Fifty Fences, Hokkaido, Japan. 2004. Copyright Michael Kenna. Courtesy Pobeda Gallery.

Recorded at Dobrolet and nH-labs, winter 2012

ZIP of the album: narod.ru

ELEVEN на http://rutracker

Our new album is now available on the most popular tracker – http://rutracker! We make everything for your comfortable download ) Download, seed, press the ‘thank you’ button, comment  – but of course it’s better to buy our cd on our concerts.

So, here’s the link:

Ned Hoper - ELEVEN

Ned Hoper – ELEVEN (2011)

The Ned Hoper‘s second album “ELEVEN” contains eleven instrumental etudes from “20 Etudes before the end of summer” (Op.27).
This material can’t fit any genre, it eclectically collects usually incompatible sound landscapes such as mute explosion of the Supernova, silence of collapsars, Schroedinger equation, hypothesis of the cosmic censure, eleven dimensions of atom, the strings theory…

ELEVEN by Ned Hoper

You can download the album here: narod

Download and donate: nedhoper.kroogi

Single “VOLGA (English version)”

Для зарубежных слушателей Ned Hoper выпустил интернет-сингл “VOLGA” на английском языке! Послушать, скачать и купить сингл можно, нажав на кнопку:

Ned Hoper: Volga

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Добрый день! пока сайт находится на реконструкции – качайте новый альбом Ned Hoper “Мистификация” с официальной странички на “Кругах”: nedhoper.kroogi.com

Также диск можно приобрести у самих музыкантов, позвонив по телефону “+7(905)281-79-52 (Митя)”