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Быстро пролетело лето и Ned Hoper со свежими силами приступает к концертной деятельности! Открытие концертного сезона состоится в субботу, 22-го сентября в клубе da:da (5 минут пешком от станции метро Сенная площадь – улица Гороховая, 47). Мы вас ждём! Начало в 20-00. Вход: 200 рублей.

Ned Hoper | close of the season

Dear friends! The 9th of June at Zoccolo club we are playing our last concert of this summer. There will be no rest for us afterwards but studio work: record of new etudes, experiments in our audio lab, mastering of new instruments – all the things we usually do between the concerts.

9th of June Zoccolo club (3rd Sovetskaya str. 2/3) at 8.30 p.m. C ya!

New LP 2012

Dear friends, please don’t forget about the presentation of our third album “RE” which takes place tomorrow the 12th of May at 8 p.m. in Erarta, Line 29th, 2 Vasilyevsky island.

300 RUR for a ticket – and the new CD with little surprise inside to everyone!

And the unforgettable show, of course)


A famous post rock band This Will Destroy You (USA) will give a show in Arctica club tomorrow (April the 11th). Ned Hoper‘s opening the concert. Two full sets from two good bands! Try to get tickets!

nH in Da:Da

Next Saturday on March the 3rd there will be a special performance of Ned Hoper in a DaDa Club! A birthday of nH’s baritone-guitarist Vlad Green! 5 years to Ned Hoper! The seasons changing! And the most important – the evening of nonconformist instrumental music. Support band: Penguinsmeat

Ned Hoper -> Varkaus (FN)

Ned Hoper widens boards! Not so long ago the band made its debut in Moscow and now it’s Finland’s turn!  Ned Hoper‘s music lab takes part in two days fest in Varkaus’ culture centre. There also will be finnish band Cleaning Women, С’НЕГА from St. Peterburg and Whitelines (FN).

Festival is on the 3rd and the 4th of February. All the info (in Finnish) is here: http://www.kulttuuriluoto.fi

28.01 | GEZ-21

Especially for GEZ-21 Ned Hoper prepared a special program which mostly contains repetitive etudes. These etudes are now recording daily at Dobrolet. On the 28th of January are presenting two brand new compositions – don’t miss it! Afterwards the band returns to the studio and will only show up on March.


For the first time ever! Moscow

The first Ned Hoper‘s concert in Moscow takes place on January 22nd in the Moscow’s best club GOGOL! There will be tracks from “ELEVEN” played and also compositions from the next album which will be recorded after the musicians come back from this concert.

Special guest: ALTERDAY (msk).

Start at 19-00.

Events: vkontakte | FaceBook | LastFm | LookAtMe


Today is 11.11.11 and Ned Hoper’s presenting his new album “ELEVEN” in Zoccolo Club at 8.30 p.m.

Scheduled program:

NED? cartoon

two musical parts

clip presentation in the intermission!

Сегодня 09.09 nH News

Итак, концертный сезон 2011-2012 начинается и Ned Hoper открывает свои планы на осень!

11 ноября ЦОКОЛЬ @ Во-первых, и это самая главная новость, 11.11.11 в клубе ЦОКОЛЬ состоится презентация второго альбома коллектива. Альбом инструментальных этюдов будет называться “11”! Следите за новостями.

22 октября ГлавClub @ До момента собственной презентации Ned Hoper лишь один раз предстанет перед публикой в качестве специальных гостей на презентации дебютного альбома группы ZORGE. Музыканты nH уже готовят специальный сет.

Также осенью планируются: интернет-сингл (18 сентября) и презентация клипа.