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Sons Du Jour 21-30

Part three. Another 10 pieces to our special impressionistic project #sonsdujour. Like in every research there are more questions than answers. Inspired by #kyma sound system.

A man who only left home in the rain

We are finally presenting our new single!

Ned Hoper

A man who only left home in the rain

A Man Who Only Ever Left Home in the Rain - Single - Ned Hoper


Andrey Aliakrinsky (Dobrolet studio) – mixing

Andrey Kuleshov (Dobrolet studio) – tracking

Boris Istomin (Knobstudio) – mastering

Vladimir Sukharev (Flash-Film studio) – impulse response recording

Produced by Ned Hoper

Music: Ned Hoper

Lyrics: none



Good news!

We’ve decided to record a few singles during these fall-winter. And the first will be ready in November!